Probably the most common parenting philosophy in the 70's and 80's was


Mom, I stuck my head in a can of cornstarch and can't get it out! Okay, but did you die?

Dad, I scraped my entire elbow on the street pavement! Okay, but did you die?

Mom! Dad! I ate my entire bottle of Flintstones Vitamins! Okay, but did you die?

Okay, we didn't die.
We're all obviously here and find it hilariously funny now growing up as kids in the 70's and 80's + all the ironies that came along with it.

I'm not about to go full on granola with you guys, I'm just saying that it's so much easier to be a "better parent" now with all the good stuff that's easily available to us now. Not to mention the new health studies, parenting groups and organic forums that are so accessible with just a couple of clicks on our keyboards.

belo baby talc-free powder
belo baby talc-free powder
Maybe we didn't need to be as conscious of what we consumed and put in our bodies then because the world was a much cleaner place.

I can't say the same for the present and I'm sure you'll agree on that.

Today's world is not the same world our parents grew up in thanks to greed and consumerism. The food is not the same, health and beauty products aren't the same, the air is not the same, the soil is not the same. There are too many additives to even count.

Which is why there is so much emphasis on all natural and organic products nowadays. We need to compensate for all the dirt, chemicals and pollution around us.

One product that has always been controversial is talcum powder. Just google it. There are reports that supposedly link the use of talc to cancer and lung diseases. None of these claims are 100% proven but I still prefer not to risk it especially when there are other safer alternatives within reach.


belo baby talc-free powder
belo baby talc free powder review

What's Not to Love???

    💖 SUPER Affordable! Only P219.75 for 65 gram tub with a FREE powder puff!
    💖 It has a lovely fresh scent that isn't overpowering.
    💖 SAFE and hypoallergenic! Made from certified natural and finely milled rice and maize. Free from talc, gluten, phthalates, parabens, dyes, and most common allergens. 
    💖 effective in pulling away moisture to keep skin dry.

    ps. I may or may use this as a face powder as well. hehe

    belo baby talc-free powder  

    P A C K A G I N G

    I don't normally focus too much on packaging but this is an exception.

    I'm sure all moms can relate to this. I cannot count the times I dropped an entire container of powder on the floor making its entire contents spill everywhere. It's enough of a mess to put a stressed mom without a yaya in tears. It's almost impossible to complete the task successfully with one hand but we've no other choice cause one hand needs to hold baby and the diaper in place will the other struggles with wipes, wet cotton balls, powder and a restless baby's kicking foot.

    I blame this largely on the containers commonly used for powder.  They either have flimsy covers or screw type containers which are extremely difficult to navigate with one hand. Belo Baby Talc-free powder comes with a flip top and powder guard which is super easy to use when you only have one free hand PLUS it lessens the spill in case baby accidentally kicks it off the bed. I also find it 100x more hygienic.

    Because of their attention to detail, I can confidently say that BELO BABY products are crafted with care for the most delicate skin and for the most meticulous moms.

    belo baby talc-free powder

Scarlet Snow has some additional tips to keep your kids fresh this hot summer season. Check her out in the super adorable video below:

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Maryann Colongon said…
I love this belo baby powder for my daughter. Thanks for the oppurtunity.
Stephanie Guinoo said…
Wow..would loved to try it for my daughter & Son thanks for the great review too.Godbless will join also in Ig:@chloestephie
Joseph Banghal said…
Because i need a Belo Baby gift packs for my niece and nephew that makes them both skin care daily routine as gentle, mild and healthy skin all the time.
Roxane Cabile-Montierro said…
As a mom, I really wanted to use products that are safe and effective for my child. A product that won't harm her and take toll on her when she grow up. When it comes to skin care and comfort, I am so excited to try the Belo Baby Talc-Free powder because it is safe and effective. I will not settle for anything less now as Belo Baby Talc-Free powder is to the rescue. I can't wait to use it for my daughter and for me too. :)
Joana B Bilog said…
Belo Baby products are best and suitable for young and sensitive skin because it is mild, and they used natural ingredients, that's why I want to try their Talc-Free powder for my kids.
Precious Joy Angeles said…
Very good review po. I badly need it for my adorable prince for him to be all day huggable and kissable.
Marykay Marilao said…
I need this in my life because I want to give it to my niece for her delicate skin.
Cute packaging pa.
zoan gonzales said…
joined! sana manalo!