I’ve been blogging for close to a decade now (pls don’t do the math haha).

Yup, if your patient enough, you’ll find a ton of blackmail photos hidden in there somewhere.

But the upside of me documenting everything is being able to look back and see just how much my style has evolved. I never realized how much fun it would be to compile a decade’s worth of summer ootd’s until I actually did it!

Read on to see how I’ve transitioned from 2007’s extreme boho with low-rise denim and lace to 2017’s more refined interpretation + everything in between.

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Looking back at my fashion choices made me aware of how much I’ve changed and not (?!) 

 Join me as I take you back to my pre and present Fashion Eggplant years!



  • I have never and will never ever probably lean towards form-fitting clothes (no bodycon dresses for this one! haha, can't breathe!)
  • I’ve never really gotten over boho
  • I LOVE black and white
  • my style philosophy is probably to just inject a trend and marry it with something classic and timeless. (Yes, I only realized that now after looking at so many of my old pictures!)

And lastly, how much I rely on The SM Store to fill my closet with all the latest trends, season after season, year after year.


the sm store love your summer style
Their inventory just keeps on improving! 

 Back in 2007 when I was younger and my budget for clothes was smaller, my first stop for summer shopping would be the SM Store. Wether I was looking for a cool pair of shorts with unique details, cute babydoll tops, or vintage looking lace dresses, they always seemed to have what I needed and it always cost less than P1000.

See lace top above? If I remember right, I got it for around P400 only.

the sm store #loveyoursummerstyle evolution
+ walk to the left for accessories, walk to the right for shoes.

It's always a fun one stop shop hassle free experience for me during each visit. I can spend an entire day in there just putting together whole outfits.

Those mini shopping carts are a saving grace!

2009 fashion trends

I never leave feeling bad or guilty cause I spend very little and yet I get to go home with so much! :P

I just really really enjoy shopping there, it's like a grocery store for all things fashion!

2010 fashion trends
So much so that to this day, even if my current fashion budget allows me to splurge a little more, I still choose to shop at The SM Store. I can't resist a quick stop each time I'm in the area.
(I'm always thinking what if they have something new!?! haha)

2011 fashion trends
And they do!

After a quick web search on trends, I pop in and grab a key piece.

Especially when I need to dress to impress for fashion week or similar events...you know when you need to make retail pass off as couture...

A long time personal favorite of mine is this dragon embroidered coordinate that I wore to PHFW:

2012 fashion trends: coordinates

Do you have a favorite look from the past that you love just as much today?

2013 white on white fashion
Mind you, most of these are still in my closet.

Have not - cannot let them go.

2014 normcore
2015 fashion trends: slip on sneakers and origami skirt
- FAST FORWARD TO 2016-2017 -

the sm store #loveyoursummerstyle
A few weeks ago, I decided it was time for another visit. I made a quick list of what I needed to update my wardrobe for the season after a pinterest check on the hottest looks this year.


  • Frayed/Tassel Hem Denims
  • Bell Sleeves
  • Head to Toe Lace/Floral 
  • 70's rehash that's still super hot
  • Shirt dresses

C H E C K  C H E C K  C H E C K and mooooore C H E C K S!

10 years of summer style evolution with the sm sto


black floral embroidered robe
Wether you've got the same shopping list as mine or not, 

The SM Store has got each unique style identity covered so you can dress to express the real you. 

black lace maxi dress
the sm store summer style
sm woman summer 2017

Has The SM Store played a part in your Style Evolution as well? I'd love to see! 

I swear you'll love what they have right now and you'll never be want for choice. I promise you’ll find pieces that’ll speak to you and make you #Loveyoursummerstyle even more! 

 All clothes from SM Woman, GTW and Copacobana 

 Shoes from Jeffrey Campbell, SM Parisian and Adidas