Hi guys! This'll be quick since I'm sure you all don't really care to read about top notes, mid notes and such.

Just want to share my two scents on this new fragrance.

fresh fragrances by 1902
1902 eau de cologne
I can't live without cologne and perfume, it's a big part of my dress up routine. I find that scents are another way for me to express how I feel and without them, I feel incomplete. Like I'm missing an integral part of my outfit.

During these past months though, I've been having a problem finding something that doesn't feel too heavy for the warm weather.

I find heady scents make me feel nauseas when it's too hot out.

And I found them in 1902.

Their colognes are a mixture of floral, citrus and woody essences that are fresh smelling and light. Keyword: fresh. It's the kind of aroma that reminds you of cool days spent in the shade while sipping a cold drink during summer.

Best way to appreciate it is by heading to a 1902 beauty counter at leading department stores to get a whiff of them yourself.

fresh fragrances by 1902

According to the press release, there are certain variants that are geared more towards men and some, women. However, I find that they are all refreshingly unisex.

Best yet? They only cost P795 for a 125ml bottle.

For more info, check out @1902ph