I have always been a frustrated interior designer. Way back in college, I would paint my room each year and change up it's theme. I almost went to PSID but laziness got in the way cause I found it too far away from where I live...which is also by the way one of my biggest "what ifs". 

Landing the cover of Real Living is still by far my most favorite media feature of all. I love styling homes more than dressing up. Oh yes x100! 

Which is kinda sad because I guess few people know this so I hardly get invited to home/interior events but when I do, I really make it a point to attend.

The most recent one I was invited to was perhaps also on of my most favorites ever. It was for the launch of #CustomMejore.

custom mejore
Mejore is a brand I grew up with. I've always associated the brand with luxury and fine furniture...which is why I never really bothered looking into them each time I need a new piece for my home before. I thought they were super expensive.

Guess what? 

They aren't pala. This was a face palm moment for me. I don't really like buying cheap furniture made with fibreboard, veneers and laminates because they don't really last long. 

They look really good on display but they age terribly unlike real wood furniture.

Once the surface begins to get scratched, that's all it looks like. An awful scratched surface. 

Unlike with real wood, imperfections add character to the piece. Dare I say they look even better with age.

custom mejore
daphne osena mejore
Speaking of age, something I learned from maturity is patience. And that includes patience when it comes to shopping decisions for both the home and fashion.

It's easy and cheap to fulfill pegs with fast fashion and knock down furniture but it never really gave me the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment I aim for.

So now, I wait and save. I may not be able to purchase things at the spur of the moment. Some large purchases might have to wait a few months but I save lots of money in the process because I am really satisfied and happy with what I get. I don't have to keep changing things up each time a new trend comes in and I find that calming and reassuring. (spoken like a true gastadora. haha)

The end goal is to fill my home and closet with things I will be proud to hand down to my daughter.

custom mejore
custom mejore
Because you know it's true what our parents and grandparents have been telling us all these years... "sayang pera lang yan, it won't last".

I used to get super frustrated over those words because when you're younger you're impulsive. I just wanted what was "uso" and hey, it was cheap so I couldn't understand why they wouldn't get it for me but now I do. Clear as day.

custom mejore
leather samples mejore
But before I go way off topic, sorry I'm feeling super chatty today for some reason...

Don't think I gave you that super long intro because what I'm about to share with you is expensive. It's not.

The prices at MEJORE are unbelievable reasonable. I kid you not. I was REALLY pleasantly surprised each time I flipped a tag.

Even better, they can customize it to fit the size and color theme of your place!!!

custom mejore
mejore leather samples
So say you like a certain dining chair but it's a bit too big for your condo and the wood finish is a bit dark....

You can choose your ideal shade from hundreds?! of swatches. You can even customize your cushion covers plus tell them to scale the size down.

custom mejore
wood finish samples
The price points of Mejore fit perfectly right in the mid market gap.

Between department store prices and brands like Gus.

custom mejore
custom couch at mejore
I have been on the hunt for a new couch since last year but it's ben real difficult for me because I didn't want to settle for those in the 15-30K price range because I have one of those and it just sags and gets worn down real easily through time.

I thought my next and only option were those in the 100-150k range. What? I wasn't prepared to spend that much either. I could fetch a small used car for the price! haha

So YAY Mejore and REAL sturdy wood to the rescue.

Plus I love how you can choose your own fabric cover. I wanted something water and stain resistant. Check and check!

custom mejore
leather chair
Check out that fine cognac leather chair above. That's just gonna look better with age, no doubt.

custom mejore
dining set price mejore
Same goes for everything else on display. 

Something you can't buy in department stores are pieces with crafty details that can only be achieved by the hands of true artisans.

There's no shortage of those here. And those, I can 100% attest will stand the test of time.

I love the solihiya-ish  detail on the walls of the shelf below:

custom mejore
mobile bar for sale ph
That beautiful mobile bar (which is a must have in every home! hehe) only cost about 15k.

custom mejore
dresser price mejore
This massive mirrored dresser was also a surprise. It's huge, tons of storage, the wood is super nice. Only 45k. Yes. only P45k! Don't forget, you can always request for a smaller size.

I would love this in white for our bedroom but first I gotta get rid of our existing one. Haha

custom mejore
carved wooden legs mejore
Another one of my favorites is this dining chair.

custom mejore
mejore tropical inspired dining chair
I also wanted this lamp for my side table but when I took down the measurements it was the wrong size. Arghhhh :((

But if you're on the lookout, this one is gorge. Even more so in person. I love love the hammered finish look!

custom mejore
hammered silver lamp
custom mejore
table lamp mejore
custom mejore
mejore address
The new boutique in Makati is truly a one stop shop. Not only do they provide in house styling services, they also have a dedicated area for linens and accessories organized by color which makes it super easy to shop for finishing touches.

custom mejore
home accessories mejroe
custom mejore
linens mejore
Remember Queer Eye for The Straight Guy? I was a super fan of Thom Felicia and look! You can shop for his linen line here!

custom mejore
thom felicia linens
If you're in the market for new furniture or if you just need a few accent pieces to tie everything in. I highly  highly suggest paying a visit to Mejore. 

You'll be paying for something that will last you several generations. That's a win in my book. Just make a list of what you need cause it's so easy to get distracted with all the beautiful things on display. LOL


krissy said…
It was great seeing you there, Sarah!!
Excited na ako to work out with you haha just need to find the time! <3
Marielle said…
Wow your post really made me want to redecorate my place! I just love everything. Definitely worth the investment. Keep on posting!