I had the nicest day ever. In the city. Whaaaaaaaat.

With all the negativity going on lately (hello, ltfrb, animal abusers and north korea. thanks for my new wrinkles. 🙄), it's hard not to feel frustrated and disheartened with life in general.

I've found the best way to deal with this is to focus on ways to make yourself feel good instead. Look in not out. Because when you feel good it resonates with the people around you which in turn makes them feel good and so on and so on.

So join me on this quick journey to good vibes. Click more to unlock the secrets.

how to have a nice day
bo's coffee primo

First step is to approach the day with an open mind and an open heart. Call a friend or a loved one to join you on this wonderful trip of indulgence for the mind and spirit.

Step 2 is to find a good coffee shop (because COFFE IS LAYF) where you can park yourself in for hours to engage in stimulating conversation. (I prefer single origin coffee like the one they serve at Bo's Coffee Primo. It's not as acidic and goes down smoothly.)

After taking a quick snap of your sinful dessert. Tuck your phone away for a guaranteed good time.

There's nothing like a quick scroll through social media to snap you dumb and curb your otherwise excellent conversational skills.

This time, avoid the temptation to scroll through Instagram and just listen, really listen to your companion instead.

how to have a nice day
bo's coffee primo

STEP 3: Learn something new. Because when you do, you can't help but feel proud of yourself and your new achievements (however big or small they might be).

I suggest paying a visit to the Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship. I attended a trial class for basic fashion illustration and I enjoyed it so much! They have all sorts of fashion AND makeup related classes. Check them out on IG: @theicefad

If you prefer something unstructured then why not spend more time at that coffee shop, bring some materials with you and follow whatever tutorials pique your interest on YouTube. It's more fun with a friend.

how to have a nice day
institute of creative entrepreneurship

STEP 4. MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE and something I try to do religiously every Sunday...GET YOURSELF PAMPERED.

And where better than The Spa.

Did you know that aside from having the best massages in town, they also offer manipeds, hair treatments and facials? Rates start at just P800. Not bad right?

Try the Aroma Facial Massage which only costs P825. It lasts an hour, includes white and black head extraction plus the most divine, facial, head, back and shoulder massage all done in a beautifully decorated private room.

Top that.

(ps. also take note that their Total Nail Care Package (maniped) will only set you back P715.)

how to have a nice day
the spa shangrila
If you prefer a less quiet, more sociable venue for your footspa, may I suggest the Nail Spa?

They provide complimentary drinks and you get your services done in a charming living room like set up. Plus points cause you get a whole love seat to yourself.

Also, they have the best nail polishes in their roster, including Chanel.  You gotta try Organdi. Best shade ever.

how to have a nice day
nail spa lounge shangrila

And last but definitely not the least, cap off your day with some wine. But don't stop there. Instead of just ordering a glass, make it more interesting by having a fun wine testing session.

I swear it's not as hoity toity as it sounds.

It's a fun and interesting experience especially when it's set at a place like Planet Grapes where they pair it with delicious local street food.

Want to know the science behind why white wine compliments Kwek Kwek so well? You'll find the answers here.

I also love the fact that they always have really good live lounge music. It definitely helps set the mood.

how to have a nice day
planet grapes shangril

I swear. If you follow these steps and do it right, I guarantee you a perfect day. Swear again x100.

Each time we travel to some far off place we make such a fuss over our itineraries so why not do the same here?

Manila is a city set around mall culture. We don't really have free and safe parks or libraries to spend our time in so we need to work with what we have and make the most out of it.

If you've been going to the mall, just to shop, you've got it all wrong. 

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