Health is wealth. There is no statement that holds more truth than that. I found out the hard way when I spent most of last year sick. It doesn't matter what you have or how much you have, if you aren't healthy, you won't be able to enjoy it.

That realization made me rethink my diet and daily eating habits even more. I began to pay more attention to the things I put in my body. Something that kept popping up in my research was DHA.

DHA is Omega 3.

It's why we grew up hearing how fish is good for you and why our parents would force us to have fish oil etc etc.

SO HOW DOES DHA help our bodies?

For us adults it helps lower the risk of heart disease, reduce symptoms of arthritis, helps ease menstrual pains, reduce fatigue and joint points. It's also great for your hair and skin. (hehe)

Kids on the other hand, get even more important benefits from having the right amount of DHA in their bodies.

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Giving your child ONLY multivitamins and vitamin C supplements is an outdated practice (even for us adults) given the quality of food we have nowadays. It just isn't the same as it used to be with all the GMO's and hundreds of other abbreviated harmful additives that are now found in daily produce to reduce cost.

Also with our busy schedules, it's nearly to impossible to create really balanced meals that provide us with our daily nutritional requirements.


scotts dha
scotts dha gummies

Why DHA?

Because DHA is the next best thing to pure breastmilk. Our milk is rich in DHA which is why you'll often find it added to infant formulas.

But when your child outgrows formula, it doesn't mean that they've outgrown their need for DHA as well.

Just like us, you need it all throughout your lifecycle.

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dha for kids


  • It helps reduce symptoms of ADHD
  • It aids in the proper development of their brain, nervous system and eyes.
  • It also IMPROVES READING, MEMORY and BEHAVIOR (It helps them stay alert, focused and pay better attention in class)

THAT plus all the other benefits I mentioned earlier in this post concerning heart problems and such. Our kids need DHA just as much as they need their multivitamins.

scotts dha
dha benefits for kids


Aside from breastmilk, DHA can also be found in fish specifically Salmon. There's also a bit found in  in tuna, trout (although way way less),  mackarel, eggs and milk.

But to get the proper daily dosage needed, you'll have to consume A LOT of these foods regularly.

This could be a budget concern as well as a headache especially if you were blessed with a picky eater.

scotts dha
why kids need dha
I've found the best way to provide my daughter with DHA is through Scott's DHA Gummies. It tastes like regular gummie candy so it's never a problem each time I remind her to take her vitamins. 

(I also sneak in a couple of bites every now and then. The strawberry flavor is delishhhh.)

Nikola has been taking it for about a month or so and as early as now, I'm already beginning to notice a difference especially when it comes to her school work. It used to be so difficult for her to focus and pay attention when it comes to math but lately it's been easier for her to understand word problems and her grades have also improved. 

For more info on Scotts DHA Gummies, visit: www.scottskids.com/ph