I miss writing and sharing stories just for the heck of it so let me tell you a story about Chewy and our new dog, Helga the Schnauzer! 😜

After months and months of "thinking about it", we finally found the one! Not sure if Chewy feels the same way though...

chewy and helga chronicles
dog chronicles
Chewy has been our only dog, well more like our youngest child for the past 6.5 years.

She is her own little person with her own likes and routines. She can be quite stubborn and strong-willed. A modern woman who knows what she wants when she wants and how she wants it.

2 days ago, her world was shookt! 😅

I had no idea we'd be taking a new puppy home last Sunday. I've been wanting to get another dog for quite awhile.

Since we live in a condo, my choices were down to a pug, a pekingese or a schnauzer.

I decided against a pug cause of excessive shedding (Dennis is a bit allergic), pekingese cause I just didn't have the patience to maintain its coat. So I really wanted a schnauzer since they're hypo allergenic and I really like their temperament. (I had one way back).

I found a breeder online who was down to 2 puppies, 1 girl and 1 boy. Since it was a pretty slow Sunday and we had nothing to do, I asked the fam if they wanted to check out the puppies. With no intention to buy, just something to do, we headed to their house in Makati. (I know Dennis has been against getting a new dog). So I didn't bring any cash with me. 

I also didn't want it to be an impulsive purchase if ever... 😋

So we got there, I did the puppy test and all (which she passed with flying colors!), met her parents, everything was perfect (her mom was THE sweetest dog ever).  Since I had no cash with me, we said thank you and left.

Nikola was in love, she was relentless. To my surprise, so was Dennis.

Do you know what he said?! He said, how can you resist a puppy like that?!
(coming from him, that's a bit of a shocker! and a LOL 💖 so I knew it was really love 😂)

helga the schnauzer
helga the schnauzer
So we grabbed some supplies quickly at a nearby mall, withdrew our payment and now we have Helga! 💖

Formerly known as Sofie Yah Padfoot.

Like I said, Chewy is a bit of a diva. A bit spoiled as well (I have to admit). She doesn't take to change easily (new dogs included).

She was awash with emotions when we first took Helga home that Sunday night.

They slept in separate bedrooms.

chewy and helga chronicles
The next day, she was still a bit angry but I know her, I know what she's like so I just went ahead and let them be. Introduced Helga to her again and let her establish her dominance. (Which she has a pretty funny way of doing btw 😆)

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While observing them, I noticed Chewy's toilet was already broken (see first photo above), so just like any new pet owner, we decided to go shopping for more supplies and a new crate.

We couldn't find the exact same one anymore in Tiendesita's so we went to Bow and Wow. Dennis liked this green patch cause it looked cleaner in the condo. I thought so too so we bought it without knowing how expensive it was at first. When I got to the cashier I was like....awww shit, 5k?! For a pet potty...

But you know not much choice and I really liked how much cleaner it looked and I also know HOW MUCH CHEWY LOVES GRASS and her old potty lasted 6 years so okay fine.

Aside from that, we also got a few new bowls, a water dispenser and some toys.


So much so that she even appeared quite depressed when we threw out her old potty. She also refused to eat and drink from her new bowl and water station (because she saw the little one test it out first).

chewy and helga chronicles
four paws green patch
Helga on the other hand, was treating their new potty like a mini park instead of a toilet. She would hang out on it and bring her toys with her!

After many many frustrating accidents around the house (weird becasue
I did some more research and I found out that some dogs don't like sharing things straight away), I had to give in and bring the old potty back.

As stinky and beat down as it was.

Lo and behold, Chewy's mood almost instantly perked up! 😂

...Although she still refused to use her new bowl. She still prefers this old melaware bowl our maid uses to put her chicken breast in:

chewy and helga chronicles
bow and wow pet bowl
She won't even look at this water feeder. So I guess it's Helga's now.

So yes, that means right now, we have 2 of everything. Not just 2 puppies but 2 OF everything. Yes it's a bit crowded. Yes, it means cleaning 2 potties instead of one, filling 2 water bottles instead of one. Twice the work.

But also, twice the love and happiness. 💖

Oh and with regards to the new potty, they are learning to love it for what it's for and NOT as their new playground. Hopefully we'll be able to get rid of the old one soon. or not. Haha you never know with these mutts. haha

chewy and helga chronicles
schnauzer puppy 2 months
And you know what, as days go by, I can see them adjusting better to each other little by little.

Helga is our little clown, Chewy will always be our princess diva. Haha

Follow their adventures on Instagram @chewy_sy and @helgatheschnauzer

Or I'm actually thinking of just integrating both their accounts into one. What do you think? 😊

What's your favorite doggy story? 🐶